DTS Heads Up #6 event this Friday October 5th

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DTS Heads Up #6 event this Friday October 5th

Date posted: 10/1/2012 9:00:21 PM

1Bill RoweSkinny Kids

In NAPA Run What Ya Brung 2nd place Brian Robbins will surely be
stepping it up, he is only 21 points behind first place Bill Rowe.  Bill Rowe
has 136 points and Brian Robbins 115.

1Van GeibelVince


Liberty's Gears All Motor there are 3 racers in the running for first place.
Van Geibel with 221 points will be trying to hold his first place position.
Vince Khoury has 186 and not far behind him Alan Pennywitt has 179 points.

Kevin F1Chris Cadatto

La Fontaine Outlaw 10.5 first and second are only 2 points apart, Kevin Fontentot
has 150 points while Chris Cadotto has 148 points.


Dave Hinzman in VP Racing Fuel Drag Radial has first place locked in with 198 points,
with Josh Henline in second with 116 points.

 1Dave GruberRick Ross

SueJohnnie Cook

Big Stuff 3 Open Comp has a few more racers who can jump into first.  Current leader
Dave Gruber has 180 points.  Not far behind is Rick Ross and Sue Campbell tied
with 152 points and Johnnie Cook with 140 points.

Rob Budgell1Bud Yoder

In Amsoil Extreme Bike/Sled with 151 points Rob Budgell is only 2 points
ahead of 2nd place Bud Yoder .
Good Luck to all the racers.