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Date posted: 10/4/2012 6:49:39 PM

Saturday Junior Drag Racing League Challenge for Advanced,
Intermediate & Novice racers.  $30 to enter ($200 winner-$100
runner-up and $25 for semi's for Adv & Inter-70% payback to Novice)
Winner in each class for Juniors will win a "WALLY".
Make sure and check out our Junior Liberty's Gears Shootout race.
Top 5 points racers in the 2012 Liberty's Gears Junior Dragster Series
3 classes are running for $1000. It should be a great race. 
For the bracket racer on  Saturday we have Super Pro (1/8th mile) Pro,
Sportsman & Bike and a High Rollers race (Box(1/8th mile)-No Box)
later that night.  Don't forget to stop by the Bonfire at the end of the day.

Sunday Juniors again are racing Advanced, Intermediate & Novice. 
Same entry and same payout as Saturday.  Bracket racers have the
"National Dragster Challenge"  (Run for the "WALLY") on Sunday.
A "Wally" will be awarded to the winner of Super Pro, Pro,
Sportsman & bike. 

Juniors and bracket racers along with the regular racing each day,
there is a "Team Race".  Get a 4 racer team together (can be a
combo of Juniors and bracket racers)  You will get a point for
every round you win.  At the end of the races the team with the
most points will get $400 ($100 per racer).