Mud bogging is a dangerous sport for everyone. Anyone could suffer bodily injury, death, loss, or damage to property during the event. Anyone who enters the event are accepting that the event site is suitable for. Everyone must acknowledge that by participating in the events that they may suffer injury, death, loss, or damage to self and/or property. All participants are required to sign a waiver of releases at Milan Dragway.


  • Treat Milan staff, volunteers, and property with respect. If you choose to violate the rules set forth, you will be expelled from the event with NO REFUNDS!
  • Inappropriate behavior will have one warning, then removal from the property with NO REFUNDS.
  • Fire suits should be worn by drivers if using any fuel other than gas.
  • Speed limit of 10MPH when traveling in the pits for ALL vehicles. Reckless driving will lead to vehicle shutdown. Please try not to tear up our roads.
  • No high-speed driving or “hot-rodding” will be tolerated anywhere except during competition.
  • All vehicles must have an orange flag, including but not limited to side by side, 4 wheelers, mini bikes, golf carts, etc.
  • All vehicles participating in the mud MUST be trailered IN & OUT.
  • All vehicles are subject to inspection by our staff. If staff feels your vehicle is unsafe, we reserve the right to shut down your vehicle.
  • The driver must be seated in normal driving position any time the engine is running. This includes pit, staging, and return areas.
  • All participants in Bog, Freestyle, & Drags MUST wear helmets & seatbelts, including passengers.
  • ALL trucks in pits MUST have a 6″ x 30′ approved tow strap attached to the truck before entering the mud pit. (Chains are not considered an approved tow strap)
  • Parking spots are first come, first served…NO HOLDING SPOTS!!
  • All trucks competing in the freestyle competition will have reserved spots at no charge.
  • No driving any vehicle if consuming alcohol or illegal substances.
  • No one is allowed to be in the box of any truck during competitions.
  • No ATV’s/UTV’s are allowed in the mud pit while trucks are running.
  • No event vehicles to be driven after dark.
  • NO ONE under 16 is allowed to drive anything in the pit area.
  • ALL minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and have a signed waiver at the gate.
  • No mudding in restricted areas.
  • No underage drinking.
  • No weapons of any kind allowed on the premises.
  • No glass bottles.
  • No outside alcohol permitted per Michigan law.
  • No pets allowed unless service animals.
  • Harold and Perry can add, subtract, or change any/all rules at anytime.


  • Tow Straps 6 ” x 30′ securley attached
  • Helmets
  • Seatbelts must be intact
  • No loose parts or debris on vehicle
  • Relocated batteries must be secured
  • Relaocated fuel tanks must be secured
  • Relocated radiators must be secured
  • Must wear fire suits for anything other than gas
  • Fuel lines should be isolated from drivers compartment