Radio Station: Dial 91.1 on your FM radio to tune in to the racetrack PA system.


All Bikes Need
Front & Rear Brakes
Chain Guards & Clutch Covers
Full Face Helmet – Snell 2015 or Higher
Leather Boots or Shoes Above Ankles
Leather Gloves
Leather Jacket or SFI Spec 40.1/1

120 mph & faster
Full Leathers or SFI Spec 40.1/2
If it is a two piece suit,
they must be zipped together at the waist

10.99 and faster
Ignition cut off “Kill Switch”

9.99 and faster
NHRA License


Liquid Overflow
Seat Belts
Neutral Safety Switch
Full Length Pants (No Shorts)
Short or Long Sleeve Shirt
Closed Shoes, Socks
Battery Mounted Securely
If Battery is Relocated anExternal Cut Off is Required.

Helmet – Snell 2015 or Higher or M
Drive Shaft Loop (With Slicks)

Roll Bars and Roll Cages
11.00 – 11.49 Roll Bar
11.00 – 13.49 Roll Bar Convertible

10.99 and Quicker or 135 MPH Roll Cage
Unless it is a full body car with an unaltered firewall, floor, and body
(from firewall rearward, wheeltubs permitted), running
10.00 – 10.99 roll bar permitted

10.00 – 11.49
Aftermarket Rear Axles (10.99)
Harmonic Balancer (10.99)
Transmission Shield (10.99 or 135 MPH)
Drive Shaft Loop
Seat Belts (5 Point SFI) good for 2 years from time stamped
Fire Jacket
Arm Restraints (Open Cars)/Roll Bar

8.50 – 9.99
Flexplate & Flexplate Shield (9.99 or 135 MPH)
Helmet Snell 2015 or newer
NHRA License
Fire Jacket
Open Body Needs Pants, Neck Collar, Arm Restraints & Gloves,Window net

Parachute required 150 MPH and faster

9.99 & Faster NHRA Certified Chassis

Bracket Racing Information & Rules

The Race Director’s decision is final in all circumstances.

1. You must have a valid driver’s license to operate any motorized vehicle. Anyone found in violation, will themselves, as well as the racer they accompany, be ejected from the event.

2. Speed limit, for all vehicles, in the pit area is 10 MPH.

3. NO E.T.’s are available upon request for $10 payable in the timing tower. Make sure that the letters “No ET” are clearly visible written on the driver’s side of the vehicle. The scoreboards will be turned off and the christmas tree will be set on a .400 Pro Tree. A “No ET” does not guarantee you a solo pass. If two vehicles are run side by side in NO ET, the ET slips will be cut in half at the ET booth. The $10 fee is waived on all NO ET Nationals dates and #SuperSaturday events.

4. All vehicles must pass tech inspection before racing on the track and get a driver’s wrist band.

5. The car number and dial-in must be on the left side of the vehicle before pulling out of the staging lanes, it may not be changed after that. Dial in’s will be displayed on the LED boards in the waterbox and once entered into the computer, on the scoreboards. Check you dial-in before you stage, if it is wrong, tell the starter. If you stage, you accept it. Once you pre-stage you will be forced to accept the dial in RIGHT OR WRONG.

6. Your dial in must be within the class requirements, and the must pass tech inspection for that elapsed time. If we catch a dial in outside of the class parameters, we will dial you in at the closest allowable dial in.

7. There is no backing out of the starting beams if your opponent has any of the bulbs lit (unless the starter directs you to), you will be disqualified. Your final motion must be forward for staging.

8. When Staging “Deep”, do not stop your forward motion after the staging light comes on. Proceed to deep position and be ready. Deep staging is a luxury, not a right. A missed Deep Stage will not be rerun. To ensure a proper deep stage, you should deep stage before your opponent stages.

9.Scoreboards are unofficial and for your convenience. The tower clocks are official and will be final should a discrepancy occur.

10. All cars must have at least one working tail light. All motorcycles must have a working tail light mounted behind the seat or on the wheelie bars.

11. Excessive braking down track will be a disqualification.

12. Directions given by Race Officials, Safety Crew, and Security are to be followed. It is the law of the land.

The Race Director’s decision is final in all circumstances.

How to apply for NHRA Membership and Competition Number