In order to compete in this program, all cars must run the class windshield banner including sponsor names on the top of their windshield unless approved by the Race Director to be placed in a more visible location for viewing and safety reasons only. All cars must also run the series sponsor sticker (xxxxxx) on their front window. This is a program-wide rule and in order to compete in this program the class windshield banner and series sponsor sticker must be properly displayed. If you feel you need to place them somewhere else for safety purposes, you must get that approved by designated track staff.

In the spirit of the racing, all cars (except Open Comp) must have a current chassis tag in order to help keep daily drivers out of the class, even if not required per NHRA rules. All final decisions are to be made by the Race Director.

All rules are subject to change at any time without notice in order to keep parity among the class.

All Heads Up classes are scheduled for 3 rounds of qualifying.

All aspects of the schedule are subject to change based on timing, weather conditions, and any other situations that the track deems appropriate.

Lower Engine Containment Device Required.

  • Oil Retention Device
    • Device may be custom-built ballistic blanket-style or metal-style (i.e., bucket) device.
    • Metal pan may be no longer than the engine from the front of crankshaft to the rear of the flywheel.
    • Pan must be inside the frame rails and fabricated to retain oil/liquid.
    • Pan must attach to the frame via conventional fasteners or straps.
    • Pan must be a minimum of 3 inches above ground.
    • Diapers do not have to be SFI rated.

Pro Mod – PM

1/8 Mile – .400 Pro Tree – 16 Car Qualified Field – Pro Ladder

Open to any type of “Door” Car – Pro Modified, Pro Stock, Pro Street, Pro Outlaw, Top Sportsman

Pro Mod Minimum Weights

92% Overdrive Screw Hemi / Big Block = 2610 lbs.

110% Overdrive Screw Hemi / Big Block = 2700 Ibs.

Procharger Hemi / Big Block = 2585 Ibs.

Twin Turbo 88 Hemi/ Big Block = 2500 lbs.

Twin Turbo 94 Hemi/ Big Block = 2575 Ibs.

Twin Turbo 98 Hemi/ Big Block = 2650 Ibs.

Overdrive Roots Hemi / Big Block = 2500 lbs.

Lockup Converters Add 50 Ibs.

Billet Prochargers Add 50 lbs.

Screw Supercharger Max Overdrive 110%

*All other non-hemi engine Combos = No minimum weights or rules*

Run What Ya Brung – RWYB

1/8 Mile – .400 Pro Tree – 8 Car Qualified Field – Pro Ladder

Outlaw Dragster, Funny Car & Anything Else Fast

Outlaw 632 – OL632

1/8 Mile – .400 Pro Tree – 16 Car Qualified Field – Pro Ladder

Pro Mod bodies add 25 lbs.

Nostalgia bodies minus 50 lbs.

Nitrous Bottles 2×10# or 1×12# or 1×15# – 16 Car Field

See NMCA Nitrous Pro Street Rules – HERE

All Motor – AM

1/4 Mile – .400 Pro Tree – 16 Car Qualified Field – Pro Ladder

See NMCA NA 10.5 Rules – HERE

Drag Radial – DR

1/8 Mile – .400 Pro Tree – 16 Car Qualified Field – Pro Ladder

See LDR Rules – HERE

Outlaw Sled & Pro Mod Sled

1/8 Mile – .400 Pro Tree – 16 Sled Qualified Field – Pro Ladder

See OSDRA Rules

Open Comp – OC

1/4 Mile, Index/Dial-In Staggered .500 Pro Tree, All Run Field

Altered, Roadsters and Door Cars only 8.50 – 11.99

Bracket Racing Aids – Delay boxes, cross over boxes or any “reaction-time related” devices are prohibited.

Throttle stops of any type are prohibited. 2-steps and trans-brakes are permitted.

Electronic/air shifters permitted.

Tires must be slicks or drag radials

Qualifying based on reaction time, 3 rounds of qualifying

Indexes are computed by taking your quickest pass and subtracting .10 from it. That becomes your dial in for the rest of the race, but they cannot be outside of the ET limits

Double entries are prohibited for both driver and/or vehicle

Outlaw 10.5 / Pro 275 – OL10.5 / P275

1/8 Mile – .400 Pro Tree – 16 Car Qualified Field – Pro Ladder

Tire – (Slicks smaller than 10.5 W x 33 -100LBS) (10.5 W x 33) (M/T PRO 275) (315 Radial +150 LBS)

Wheelie Bars Allowed

NA Cars can run any Pro Mod style body

Deduct 50 lbs. for nostalgia vehicles listed below:

  • Any B-Body Mopar
  • 68-72 Chevelle
  • Ford Fairlane
  • Any Silverado, Ram, or F150 Truck

See Pro 275 Rules – HERE

Motor City Muscle – MCM

1/4 Mile – .400 Pro Tree – 16 Car Qualified Field – Pro Ladder

Naturally Aspirated – All Motor – 9” Tire

See MCM Rules – HERE

Ultra Street (NEW!)

See Ultra Street Rules – HERE

Double Entry Rules:

These rules apply to all classes that are a part of this program.

Each VEHICLE may only be entered ONE time per event.

No vehicle may enter into multiple classes/categories.

No vehicle may enter into the same class/category more than once.

No DRIVER may be entered in the same class/category multiple times.

A driver may enter in multiple classes/categories with separate vehicles, but they may not be in the same class/category more than once.

A separate vehicle will be required for each entry.