This is a 1/8th mile Race
Off the Trailer
No Prep
Back end Of the Track
Flashlight start
Stage by the Bumper Win by the Bumper
Chip Draw for parings
Tire Crack you Loose !
Cross in front You Loose !
Cross Behind and come around you a BAD ****** ******
We go off one camera and one camera only for Tire Crack / Finish line OURS !
Tech card $50
Spectators $25
Kids 12-Under FREE
Drivers meeting @3pm
Track hot after Drivers meeting
If you are in Daily Driver Shootout you Must be on the Property and ready for cruise @ 1pm .
Please have proof of insurance ready to show .
Small Tire
28×10.5 Non W
No Bars !
Any Power Adder
AWD limited to a 8.5 tire (Must say on sidewall )
Big Tire
Anything you can fit under it !
Any Power Adder
Yes Bars are allowed
Yes AWD is welcome
Hard Tire
200 tread wear or greater
Daily Driver
30 Mile cruise
Full interior
All glass
Plates and insurance
Max tire size for a 15 inch wheel 28×10.5 non w or a 275
17 inch wheel or bigger can run any tire
Exhaust must run past front doors
You ( Can Not ) Stop during cruise!
Must stay in line start to finish !