Robin Lawrence Joins Milan Dragway as ‘Sales and Sponsor Relations’ Lead

By November 22, 2023 News & Announcements

Milan Dragway, Detroit’s premier drag racing facility, is proud to announce the appointment of ‘Uncle’ Robin Lawrence to the pivotal role of ‘Sales and Sponsor Relations’. With decades of drag racing experience under his belt, Lawrence is set to steer Milan Dragway into a new era of sponsorship and community engagement.

Robin Lawrence is no stranger to the drag racing community. An accomplished NHRA, NMRA, and NMCA drag racer, Lawrence previously held esteemed positions as the Director of Motorsports and Director of EFI Business Development at Holley Performance Products. His extensive experience in sales management roles further solidifies his credentials for this new venture.

Under its new ownership, Milan Dragway has been experiencing a renaissance. The addition of Lawrence is expected to amplify the dragway’s momentum. “We continue to invest in Milan Dragway and adding Robin to our team will create new sponsorship opportunities for racing businesses looking to reach metro Detroit’s incredible drag racing community,” Perry Merlo of Milan Dragway stated. “Robin understands how important it is to support local drag strips and we know he can deliver great value for sponsors, partners, and racers at Milan Dragway.”

“I’m excited to work alongside the Milan Dragway team to enhance Milan’s sponsorship opportunities. With all of the recent track closings around the country, it’s more important than ever to get involved with your local dragstrip and support them and the local racers. Milan has a fantastic operation going and we’re just getting started!” said Robin Lawrence.

For sponsorship opportunities or further details, please contact Robin at or 270-791-6850